trnsfr #5

yeah! I’ve a new story up in trnsfr #5: The Tom McGrath Weigh Gain Program. It deals with skinny bastards, their place in the world and daily struggles… This one is a PDF-only issue, even though editor Alban Fischer was saying there might be a limited print edition sometime in the future. It hope this happens, as the first four issues look super-swell in their paper incarnations.Image

Local bookshop news…

I’ve very recently found out a new Oxfam charity BOOKshop had opened in French Church street in Cork. Oooh the excitement… It’s well worth the trip if you’re from around here. Of special interest is a selection of (mostly American) literary magazines.

I’ve picked up a good few issues of Plougshares myself (including their 1971, very first one, a few Special Fiction issues…) for €1 or €2 each, and there’s some Gettysburg Reviews as well, Willow Springs… Good times!