A let-down to boost you up

I was very happy reading a rejection letter last week. Not because I’ve gone mad, or reached a Buddha-high level of zen attitude towards these usually unpleasant few lines.

Cream City Review editor Todd Wellman liked my story – not enough to publish it, mind you, but enough to send me a detailed critique of it, in 27 points ranging from an extra space between two words to questioning whether it really ended where it should. I was really grateful for the effort, especially as his email, along with a couple more personal rejections I received around the same time, gave me a welcome boost when it seems nobody’s been caring very much for what I sent them recently.



Deadline for the June issue of Galway-based Crannóg is looming, looming so much you could say it’s here. I’m tightening the last few screws on my own submission, true to myself, not too early. (Le quart d’ heure de politesse, as we say in French – the polite thing is to arrive a little bit late, not to catch your host unprepared, or appear over-eager. Um, I doubt this applies to submitting, though.)

They accept stories under 2000 words until May 1. If you have something to sent, find all the details at the source

Wait a minute, Mr Postman…

I just started a subscription to the great Stinging Fly, and, before even opening the mag, I have to say I’m impressed : I took no more than a day and a half between the time I ordered it on the old Internet and when received it in my mailbox down here in far-away Cork. Well done SF, well done An Post!

But enough, time to read…