Irish mags

Get cosy with a cup or a tank of coffee and your lucky wife-beaters, ’cause there’s a good few deadlines coming up for Irish magazines. Get to work, folks!

Revival : poetry and prose (under 500 words) before August 31st

Southword : poetry in English; as well as poetry, fiction & reviews as Gaeilge before September 15th

Crannóg : poetry and fiction (under 2000 words) before September 1st

Causeway / Cabhsair, the magazine of Irish and Scottish writing : poems and prose (under 3500 words) before August 31st


2 thoughts on “Irish mags

  1. Ha, love the frazzled owl pic! Alas, I won’t be making any of these deadlines. Oh well, maybe next time. And I’d never head of Causeway/Cabhsair before. It looks like a really interesting mag.

    • Yeah, looks cool but I must say I’ve never actually read it. I think they’re after getting a new website. I remember ending up a while back on a page of the University of Aberdeen website that had a section about the magazine, but hardly any info. Definitely worth giving a shot!

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