The bee-loud glade

I just finished reading The bee-loud glade by Steve Himmer (who edits the cool Necessary Fiction when he’s not writing). It’s a mad, funny meditative story of a billionaire and his hired hermit, and much more. In borrowed words, its “a postmodern pastoral about the nature of nature and the nature of work, and the limits of solitude in a networked world.”

It’s a clever novel full of images, biblical allegories, and great thoughts on what we, average First World (wo)men do and think we do, and our part in the fuckupness of the world.

Go on, read it. It’s published by Atticus Press (purveyors of the Atticus Review) and it’s very handsome, and you get it through them or with free shipping through the Book Depository for €10.

What? You want more hyperlinks? No, you’ve had enough for now : go read that book and come back tomorrow.


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