Good ideas #2 Internet beauties : Paper Darts


I might be biased (they’ve recently accepted a story of mine for publication), but Paper Darts is one hell of a great online magazine. They publish one print issue a year too but I haven’t had the opportunity to read one yet, but they seem to be all the fun you could expect from the online version.

In the words of the editors (from an interview in the great Review Review):

“Studying literary magazines as undergrads showed us that for every lit mag that’s getting it right (and there are a lot of them), there are fifty that are hard to look at and hard to read. We wanted to shake up the formula and bring color, illustration, and lightheartedness back into the lit mag sphere in a big way. […] At Paper Darts we give the pieces we publish online the same amount of illustration and design love that our print pieces get.”

Have a look! They’ve great short fiction (for instance, that short funny piece by Elizabeth Bernstein), poetry, and non-fiction. And brilliant art too.


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