The Penny Dreadful is out!

cover cropped 3

The Penny Dreadful, Cork’s new literary magazine is just available for orders now, and posting in the coming week. It’s very exciting, full as it is of short fiction from, among others, Mercedes Helnwein and William Wall and poetry from such folks as Theo Dorgan, Eilean Ni Chuilleanain, Alan Titley, Will Schutt. It boasts an interview with Roddy Doyle too… And it’s even more exciting for me, as a story of mine managed to creep in such good company, a bit haggard and a bit drunk, ogling the buffet hoping not to get kicked out to soon.

Get it here, it’s good and it’s cheap. Stick a beard onto it and it’ll even do a fine bit of  Christmas decoration.


RTE creative writing course with Dave Lordan


RTE’s Arena (with Dave Lordan) will be airing one program of creative writing course a month throughout 2013. You can listen to the first part here. They’ll also be accepting submissions under 700 words. The first deadline is December 21st, and the theme is “Party”. Check it out in more details at

(Thanks to Rozz for the info!)