James Plunkett Short Story Award



The Irish Writers’ Center has recently announced that their monthly competition The Lonely Voice was no longer running. Instead, they are organising the James Plunkett Short Story award, which sounds great!

It had three rounds, either of which you can enter, and the three winners from each three rounds will constitute the shortlist for the award. The first deadline is March 5th, and the overall winner will be selected in October.

I like that the shortlisted authors for each round will be invited to read at the IWC (I did my first reading there for the Lonely Voice competition, great experience!), that the judge will be a different writer for each round and will be there on the night of the reading to talk about the stories, and last but not least, that the entry fee is very affordable (€5)!

More details here.



Exciting times!

the isolator

I’ve been having a great, literary couple of weeks, with reading for the Cork and Dublin launches (yes, two launches!) of the handsome Penny Dreadful (by the way, there’s accepting submission for their second issue until March 31st), and three (yes, three!) stories accepted by worthy representatives of the jungly literary magazine world.

There’ll be a short piece in The Wayfarer (my first attempt at non-fiction), a “journal of contemplative literature” which features travel writing, stories, poetry and photography; a short, far-fetched tale about a giant who keeps on growing in the good old (by online-mag standards – they’ve been up since 2004!) decomP; another short based on the troubles physicist Shrödinger might have had in everyday life in the theme-issued, lovingly illustrated British Popshot.

Visit these magazines, they’re worth it. And I swear my stories don’t have a tenth of the brackets I used here! (or exclamation marks!)

Now quick, back to the isolator!