Quotes #2: Kevin Moffett


A definition of “a good story”, from the title story of Kevin Moffett‘s collection Further interpretation of real life events:

It’s executed as vigorously as it’s conceived. It isn’t false or pretentious. It doesn’t jerk the reader around to no effect. It lives by its own logic. It’s poignant without trying too hard.


Boyne Berries 13


I’ve a new short piece (about a boat ride up the Amazon to places where people might or might not eat other people) up in the latest issue of Boyne Berries. If you’re in or around Trim tomorrow night, Thursday 21st March, the launch will take place in the Castle Arch Hotel.

Quotes #1 William Wall


From William Wall‘s short story What Slim Boy, O Pyrrha, which won the 2003 Sean O’Faolain short story award and can be found in his great story collection No Paradiso:

The villagers have come to the house of the rich man – the lord? – for their annual cricket match against the tenants. They linger in the edge of memory, in white, doing very little for long periods and then rushing about in inexplicable patterns. The whirling arm, the swing of the bat – pock.