Quote #4: George Orwell



Who said George Orwell couldn’t be hilarious? Here he is in Homage to Catalonia, telling us about the grenades he had to use :

Its chief disadvantage was that one pin was very stiff and the other very loose, so that you had the choice of leaving both pins in place and being unable to pull the stiff one out in a moment of emergency, or pulling out the stiff one beforehand and being in a constant stew lest the thing should explode in your pocket. But it was a handy little bomb to throw.

The constant stew! Oh, George, you crack me up…


Story on RTE’s Arena



Forget all about e-readers and whatnot: radio is where it’s at now. Dave Lordan selected a story of mine, Of the Sisyphean nature of nightmares, for his monthly New Planet Cabaret broadcast on RTE’s Arena. You can listen to an extract of it here. (Tuesday 7th, May, starts about 30 minutes in)