The return of the reading backlog: The Stinging Fly


It was a huge huge thing for me to have a story accepted in The Stinging Fly, as it is definitely the magazine I’ve been following the longest, and one that I enjoy every time. My piece was part of the Flash Fiction showcase that guest editor Nuala Ní Chonchúir had put together, and it was a blast to see it in such elegant company.

I particularly enjoyed the short pieces by Aidan Rooney, Zoe Gilbert, and Kathy D’Arcy, and the longer fiction and poetry contain more little gems than you can shake your reading glasses at (Dimitra Xidous among others, who was the issue’s featured poet).



Back and starting on the reading backlog




After a seven-month interlude in South America, one of the numerous pleasures of being back home was to find the magazines that had arrived while I was away. Above are two of them, as seen last week in Cork’s Waterstones (on a nice display by the entrance): issue three of the Penny Dreadful, in which I have a poem called “Hunger song”, and New Planet Cabaret, the anthology published by New Island in collaboration with RTE’s Arena and edited by Dave Lordan, in which I have a short fiction (“Of the Sisyphean nature of nightmares”).


Both were a delightful read. I was happy to find out I shared the space between these covers with folks I’ve known now for a while, writers I always look forward to reading (such as Nuala Ní Chonchúir and Billy Ramsell), and (to me) newer authors such as Rob Doyle, whose work I was reading for the first time in these publications and really enjoyed. I keep seeing his name everywhere and he has a novel out very soon, I think, titled “Here are the young men”. Well worth checking out.