Back and starting on the reading backlog




After a seven-month interlude in South America, one of the numerous pleasures of being back home was to find the magazines that had arrived while I was away. Above are two of them, as seen last week in Cork’s Waterstones (on a nice display by the entrance): issue three of the Penny Dreadful, in which I have a poem called “Hunger song”, and New Planet Cabaret, the anthology published by New Island in collaboration with RTE’s Arena and edited by Dave Lordan, in which I have a short fiction (“Of the Sisyphean nature of nightmares”).


Both were a delightful read. I was happy to find out I shared the space between these covers with folks I’ve known now for a while, writers I always look forward to reading (such as Nuala Ní Chonchúir and Billy Ramsell), and (to me) newer authors such as Rob Doyle, whose work I was reading for the first time in these publications and really enjoyed. I keep seeing his name everywhere and he has a novel out very soon, I think, titled “Here are the young men”. Well worth checking out.


2 thoughts on “Back and starting on the reading backlog

    • Thanks! I will have to wedge it between job searching and general life getting, but it will be done!

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