Flash piece by Dan Townsend


(Completely unrelated picture)

I just read a cool little short short thing that’s just up today at NANO Fiction. Go on, it’s good and it’ll take you about a minute.


Story in Tin House’s Open Bar


Local fans cheer Armel Dagorn after hearing of the story’s publication.

A story of mine, The Brotherhood of Wednesday Afternoons, has just been published on Tin House’s blog as part of their Flash Fridays series. And I’m pretty damn proud.

Stories by Simon Rich

                                                    new yorker illustr simon rich


If you have a few minutes and you like clever, funny yet cute stories, you could do worse than read either or both of these stories by Simon Rich in the New Yorker. He’s a new find of mine, and I’ll definitely be looking out for more of his stuff.

Guy walks into a bar  (story in joke form)

Unprotected   (story told by a condom)