Recent book love #1: Apex hides the hurt, by Colson Whitehead

Apex Hides the Hurt cover image

“The town of Winthrop has decided it needs a new name. The resident software millionaire wants to call it New Prospera; the mayor wants to return to the original choice of the founding black settlers; and the town’s aristocracy sees no reason to change the name at all. What they need, they realize, is a nomenclature consultant.”

Great book by Colson Whitehead, an American writer I must say I’d never heard about. There’s a lot of funny, clever stuff in  there, and brilliant writing on the sentence/paragraph level. Conveniently quotable, for a book about ‘naming’: I often found myself going back to re-read a paragraph, see how neatly Whitehead packaged them. I could see some folks finding his prose/story gimmicky, but it worked for me.

You can buy it here

‘Tiny miracles’: New story in Holdfast magazine


My short story ‘Tiny miracles’ has just been pubilshed in Holdfast magazine. The theme of this issue is ‘Gods and Monsters’, and my take on it sees a tiny plastic Mary figurine take life in a Lourdes souvenir shop.

Holdfast is a great online speculative magazine based in the UK that really tries to improve on the traditional lit mag format and go beyond a simple selection of stories. Each issue has a lot of Non-Fiction, including an open letter to a SF/Fantasy author. They put up a playlist on the issue’s theme, have interviews of authors and also, in their ‘Unbelievers’ section, give a book to some non-SF/F reader to see if he can get a taste for it…

They’re looking for submissions for their next issue on the theme ‘Looking Forward, Looking Back’ (“Depictions of the future, alternative histories, time travel, utopias, dystopias, or anything else related to timey wimey things”) 

Deadline is September 15th


(This is the Terry Gilliamesque illustration for ‘Tiny miracles’, by Jenny Kadis)