Eternal dreamers of greener grass: new Story in Headstuff’s Fortnightly Fiction

Eternal Dreamers of Greener Grass 2 (1)

I’m delighted to have my story Eternal dreamers of greener grass up in Headstuff’s Fortnightly Fiction.

Headstuff‘s a pretty well-rounded Irish site with articles on all things cultural, sciencey, newsy, and everything in between. They recently launched Fortnightly Fiction, a section which, yes, publishes fiction, yes, every fortnight. And I’m delighted to be the flavour of the fortnight, coming after a string of very good Irish short story writers.

So don’t hesitate to roam the archive (AFTER READING MY STORY,of course…)


(Oh, and the great illustration up there is by Jacob Stack, and it is spot on. Really)


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