Merry Armel and Happy New Dagorn!

Last year at this time I bragged about my literary achievements – and lo, here I am doing it again. It threatens to become an annual thing.

So, in 2015 I’ve had 8 poems and 6 stories published in magnificent places, and I think I’ve cast my net wide in terms of subject matter. There were, in no particular order:

ghost estate vigilantes; Southern Seas ports besieged by cliché sailors; fond memories (true story!) of my young self’s budding voodoo skills; a classic Poe reduxing; a Chinese-shadow kamasutra; a politically sound, street-roaming Norteño dog; a Hades of rotten leaves; a retired piano-tuner switching to vocal chords; a ledger of our leisure days; a very small miracle (unless it is just very far); a guide to slumming it, eastern-tale sultan style; a case of apricot-flavoured Robert Frost possession; a mythological moral whodunnit; an attempted escape from the business park belt; and other such reveries


These are online, ready to be read (oh, the magical Internet!), so dilly-dally no more, folks!

Issue 68

AXOLOTL el quinto


International-Poetry-Competition_jpgEternal Dreamers of Greener Grass 2 (1)


And these yokes are old-school paper and ink little things, bona fide gems that you can (should) get yourself a copy of. (Simply by clicking on them – again, the magical Internet!)

Rialto 82 cover web 600


The Lonely Crowd - front cover





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