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I live in Nantes, France, with my partner and young son, after having spent most of my twenties in Cork, Ireland. I write short stories (mainly), in a variety of genres – both mainstream/literary stories and more speculative tales, and you’ll find links to my published writing here.

My short story collection The Proverb Zoo will be published by The Penny Dreadful Press in May 2018.

Feel free to contact me here, or by email : armel.dagorn@live.ie

On Twitter:  @ArmelDagorn

6 thoughts on “About / Contact me

  1. Found your blog here after reading your short story on Paper Darts–just wanted to stop by and say how much I laughed while reading it and thought about it afterward. I’m looking forward to poking through the other stories you’ve published. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Evan! I’m delighted you like my story, and it’s great to have it at Paper Darts. They always have great stuff, always put up illustrations…

  2. Just read your piece in decomP – so great! It’s fascinating to me that English is your adopted language. I cannot imaging being as gifted as you are in say, Spanish, which I’m making a mess of in my attempt to learn.
    Do you not write in French at all?
    Paper Darts is based in my hometown, I’ll have to check out your work there as well.

    • Thanks Jennifer! Glad to have a reader in Minneapolis!
      I don’t write in French at all, even though recently I’ve started trying to translate some of my stories into French…
      The secret is to read a lot, and of course living where the language is spoken doesn’t hurt!

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