Recent book love #1: Apex hides the hurt, by Colson Whitehead

Apex Hides the Hurt cover image

“The town of Winthrop has decided it needs a new name. The resident software millionaire wants to call it New Prospera; the mayor wants to return to the original choice of the founding black settlers; and the town’s aristocracy sees no reason to change the name at all. What they need, they realize, is a nomenclature consultant.”

Great book by Colson Whitehead, an American writer I must say I’d never heard about. There’s a lot of funny, clever stuff in ¬†there, and brilliant¬†writing on the sentence/paragraph level. Conveniently quotable, for a book about ‘naming’: I often found myself going back to re-read a paragraph, see how neatly Whitehead packaged them. I could see some folks finding his prose/story gimmicky, but it worked for me.

You can buy it here