Hell of earth


Thought I’d share this mad, quite unsettling photo here. You can find more details here, and if you’re on Twitter you could do worse than follow Darran Anderson (@Oniropolis), author of Imaginary Cities (Influx Press – check them out, their ebooks are dirt cheap for December) and all-round pictorial blower of Twitterers’ minds.


Dear Murphy’s…


Murphy’s, the Cork-brewed stout, has been organising nights with different kinds of entertainment, and a liberal-enough amount of free drinks, and food. But the fun doesn’t stop here – after attending one of their events a couple of weeks ago, I received today an email-questionnaire on the experience, and my opinion on their brand. After a few standard questions came this :


I’d now like you to do something a little different…I’d like you to imagine that Murphy’s came to life as a real person. Then looking at this list please pick out the statement you feel best describes the brand if it were to come to life :

– Someone I’d really like who I’d have a lot in common with

Someone I’d quite like who I’d have quite a bit in common with

Someone I’d quite like who I’d have some things in common with

Someone I’d get along with OK, but not who I’d have much in common with

– Someone I wouldn’t actually dislike but would have very little in common with

– Someone I wouldn’t really like and would have nothing in common with