Four themed submission calls

Popshot is looking for submission for their ‘Curious’ issue:

“Despite its questionable reputation for killing cats, curiosity is one of the finest traits of humankind. It was the thing that sent man to the moon, Christopher Columbus to the New World and Alice down the rabbit hole. Curiosity breeds exploration, invention and, on a fairly regular basis, some form of destruction. It is the tentative footstep before the leap into the unknown, and as a result, could be argued to be one of the most intriguing words in the English language.”

Send them your poems and stories under 2,500 words by July 20th at the very latest.

Slice is looking for submissions on the theme ‘Enemies’. They pay $100 for stories and essays and $25 for poems, and wordcount is up to 5,000 words) Deadline is August 1st.


Speculative fiction magazine Holdfast is looking for stories on the theme ‘Looking forward, looking back’:

“In this issue we are looking at the theme of time. Depictions of the future, alternative histories, time travel, utopias, dystopias, or anything else related to timey wimey things.”  

Deadline is September 15th


Black & BLUE is open for submissions on the theme of ‘Memory’:

“poems, fiction, textual-art, fragments, lyrics, dialogues, drama, social-media-collages, notes, prose-poems, letters, fables, lists, transcripts, accidental work, anarchist slogans, single lines, found-pieces, other media. Pieces must be no longer than 1000 words, but submitters may send as many pieces as they like.”

Deadline is October 11th

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