Selected work online:


Liminal Stories

Late nights, he comes (4,500 words) in Liminal Stories


Unsung Stories

TFW Fames Comes Knocking At Your Local Lowtown Branch (1,666 words) in Unsung Stories


Eternal Dreamers of Greener Grass 2 (1) 

Eternal dreamers of greener grass (1,588 words) in Fortnightly Fiction (Headstuff)


The Brotherhood of Wednesday afternoons (587 words) in Tin House online


Axolotl Magazine Logo

From this here floodland jungle (poem) in Axolotl el quinto



Tiny miracles (948 words) in Holdfast 6


Life here’s no different (2,173 words) in Paper Darts


The making of obstacles (2,430 words) in Southword 22


The body feast (poem) in Wordlegs 15


Selected work in print:



Out-of-town Harry (short story – chapbook)    In Short Publishing


Nora and Anthony (fiction)   Unthology



The Idiot of Kildare Village (fiction) The Penny Dreadful 6


Issue 117

After all these night buses / On the madhouse grounds with Alexis (poems)                    Poetry Ireland Review


Rialto 82 cover web 600

Schoolboys’ black magic (poem) in The Rialto 82



The siege of Ushuaia (poem) in The Penny Dreadful 5


Two new happy endings and an old one (fiction) in The Stinging Fly issue 27, volume 2


Of the Sisyphean nature of nightmares (fiction) in New Planet Cabaret (New Island)



Hunger song (poem) in The Penny Dreadful 3


Schrödinger’s wine (fiction) in Popshot 9 – The imagination issue



Coming up:


Hermit Island’s hermit :     The Shadow Booth Vol.3



Everything ever published, ever: 


All is there already, just not seen yet :    Nightscript Vol.4

Lovebirds :     The Lonely Crowd (issue 9)

A Franco-Irish History of cruelty (essay) :     Threshold

A slow, unstoppable devouring of everything :     Necessary Fiction

Homeward bound now, Paulino :     Nightscript

Unsettlers of the Yerba Buena basements :     Strange California (Fastaff Books)

Salvation is a one-time offer :     Haunted Futures (Ghostwoods Books)

The Proverb Zoo :     Geometry

Sea Change :     Tin House online

Unspeakable stop-overs :     3:AM Magazine

Return to Aragón :     The Maine Review

Late nights, he comes :     Liminal Stories

Lonely red world serenade :     Helios Quarterly

TFW Fame Comes Knocking At Your Local Lowtown Branch :     Unsung Stories

Fertile Ground :     Body Parts Magazine

The last minutes of BA Flight 465 :    The Lonely Crowd

Nora and Anthony :    Unthology

The idiot of Kildare Village :     The Penny Dreadful

Our Lady of the Clouds, patroness of bored clerks :     Southword

Threesome :     Southword

After all these night buses :     Poetry Ireland Review

On the madhouse grounds with Alexis :     Poetry Ireland Review

Gerrymanderings of the mind :     2nd place, Oxford Brooks International Poetry Competition, ESL Category

Out-of-town Harry :     In Short Publishing

Eternal dreamers of greener grass :     Fortnightly Fiction (Headstuff)

After apricot-picking :     Stony Thursday Book

Tiny miracles :     Holdfast

Some justice :     The Lonely Crowd

The siege of Ushuaia :     The Penny Dreadful

Longlisted for the Battle of the Books competition 2014, judged by Niamh Boyce

Longlisted for the Over the Edge competition 2014, judged by Eleanor Hooker

From this here floodland jungle :     Axolotl

Schoolboys’ black magic :     The Rialto

On a ship bound for Crete :     Litro

Escape :     The Bohemyth

The night zoo :     The Interpreter’s House

The accountant’s vacation :     The Interpreter’s House

The Poe twist :     Apex 

In Winter :    The Poetry Bus

Biopsy :     THE SHOp

Gravity :     NANO Fiction

(longlisted for Wigleaf’s 2016 Top 50 (very) short fictions)

Wisdom of the origamist :     Winner of the Bailieborough Poetry Prize

The Brotherhood of Wednesday Afternoon :     Tin House online, as part of the Flash Fridays series (September ’14)

The unexpectedly exciting genesis of knick-knacks :     Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine

Secret tunnels through the Andes :     Highly Commended in the 2014 Fool for Poetry Chapbook Competition

Hunger song :     The Penny Dreadful

Two new happy endings and an old one :     The Stinging Fly

Mr De Ville goes to the Post Office : Variations :     Birkensnake

Of the Sisyphean nature of nightmares :    New Planet Cabaret (New Island),

RTE’s Arena (start 30 or so minutes in. Tuesday 7th May show) and Café Irreal

There will not be a dull minute :     Tule Review

Death of a beast in reverse :     Southword

The waterhouse :     Curbside Splendor

Students :     Revival

The body feast :     Wordlegs

The Will :     Skylight 47

The flood :     Contrary

The stele :     LampLight Vol I, issue 4

Schrödinger’s wine :     Popshot #9

Almost a wake :     Under Thirty

A different homecoming :     The Wayfarer

Shell of a man :     And/or #3

The Dark Upstream    Boyne Berries #13

All the bones in the world, or The rise of the ogre Balthazar :     decomP

Life here’s no different :     Paper Darts

A repeat offence of meekness :     The Penny Dreadful

Different outlooks on love     Sterling #3

The jobs I want are never out of your average jobs section :     Burningword #64

The making of obstacles :     Southword, issue 22

A life misplaced :     selected for the November ’11 Lonely Voice competition of the Irish Writers’ Center. Read here

The Tom McGrath weight gain program :     trnsfr, Issue 5

Lost and found :     34th parallel, Issue 17

Guillermo :     The Molotov Cocktail, Vol.2, Issue 17

The Good Friday Agreement :     Wordlegs, Issue 3, Autumn ’10

Won and lost :      The Legendary, Issue 18

Indoor castaway :      Outburst magazine, Issue 2

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