The last minutes of BA Flight 465

I’ve a new, wee whimsical (though deep, man!) story in the new issue of The Lonely Crowd. It has, as you can imagine, a plane in it, and people inside the plane, acting in different ways, and thinking different thoughts.

Oh dear, I just don’t know how to blurb that one. The best thing you could do is check it out.

the-lonely-crowd-spring-issue-front-cover (1)


Wigleaf’s round-up of (very) short fiction

I’m delighted to learn that my flash piece Gravity¬†was longlisted for Wigleaf’s yearly round-up of the best very short fiction available online. It was published last year in NANO Fiction, a great little mag specialised in that kind of petite stories.

The top list is 50-story strong, so that’s quite a lot of reading for these long¬†summer nights we have ahead, and when you’re done the longlist will keep you going.